Temperature Measurement & Control Products


DAYTECH's range of Temperature Measurement and Control technology offers robust, precise and economical solutions for process applications.  Combine with the ACORN Modular IoT Mesh Network Platform for a powerful and integrated remote monitoring and control IoT solution.


Precision RTDs, analogue outputs, Temperature switches, transmitters and controllers.


Smart Programmable temperature transmitters for switching and measurement in a wide range of liquid and gas applications.


Smart Programmable temperature controller for switching and display in a wide range of applications.

ACORN IoT-SmartNode
Wireless / Battery / Solar

All In One Industrial IoT Wireless Sensor Network SmartNode - Zigbee Mesh, LoRa, 3G/4G

  • General industrial and process applications;

  • Electronic Temperature Transmitters;

  • Highly accurate pt100 RTD;

  • Economical and Robust;

  • Temperature switches;

  • Temperature Controllers.

  • Combine with the ACORN Modular IoT Mesh Network Platform for a powerful and integrated remote monitoring and control IoT solution.

  • Manufacturing and process applications;

  • Smart Temperature Transmitters;

  • Precision Temperature Switches;

  • Smart programmable output signal;

  • High Temperature Options;

  • RS485 Modbus communications;

  • Analogue outputs.

  • PNP and NPN switching.

  • High accuracy RTD technology.

  • Combine with the ACORN Modular IoT Mesh Network Platform for a powerful and integrated remote monitoring and control IoT solution.

  • Manufacturing, process or environmental applications;

  • Smart process display and controller;

  • Precision Temperature Control;

  • Flexible use as process display and/or controller for temperature, pressure, level, flow, mass, volume or custom units per specification.

  • Smart programmable relay outputs;

  • High Temperature Options;

  • RS485 Modbus communications;

  • Analogue output and 4 relay outputs.

  • AC or DC input and On board DC power supply output to sensors.

  • High accuracy microprocessor control technology.

  • Handles IoT Gateway functions, GUI graphics and user interface with drag and drop setup;

  • ControlMesh API's for ease of setup and contol

  • 3G/4G, Zigbee, LoRa, LoRaWAN, WiFi, Ethernet.

  • WiFi 802.11n & 3G/4G IoT  Gateway models;

  • RS232/RS485 and MODBUS communications;

  • CAN bus communications - integrate with vehicles!

  • 12VDC or 24VDC regulated and fuse protected output supply from the ACORN, the node can supply sensors, actuators and more!

  • 6 onboard IO, with 2 Digital Inputs, 2 digital outputs, 1 analogue input, and 1 PWM Pulse input.

  • IP65 weatherproof enclosure, 

  • Expandable battery capacity, for supplying larger loads, modular battery pack add-ons.

  • Modular and highly scaleable, add up to 3 plug-in expansion IO modules for up to 36 local IO and 100s of remote wireless nodes!

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  • Combine the DAYTECH's Temperature Switches and Transmitters with the DAYTECH ACORN IoT Node for remote wireless monitoring and control of many processes, including liquids such as water, lube oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, or HVAC. You can monitor an individual tank, pipe or process with stand alone battery powered 3G/4G or Wifi or a whole network of tanks and equipment wirelessly.

  • Direct integration to pumps and valves or other actuators for control via wired relay/PNP/NPN or wireless control.

  • Integration with a wide variety of control systems, connected directly to IO or remote battery powered and wirelessly using Zigbee Mesh Networks or LoRa long range star networks! 

  • For application advice and assistance, please contact our engineering applications specialists sales@daytech.io