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Robotic Tractor and Crawler Platforms

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iMachine have developed state of the art Fully Autonomous Robotic Vehicle and Teleoperation technology for Tractors, Industrial Grade Crawlers, Mining and Construction Machinery. iMachine's Australian Designed and Made range of intelligent, modular autonomous Tractors and Crawler Systems, with precision fusion guidance and a complete robotics control platform can be utilised for a wide array of automated tractor applications.

We have engineered and manufactured a highly reliable and safe battery system and autonomous charge coupling (docking) system, these crawler tractors are low emissions diesel fuel (with high spec exhaust filter), and on board hybrid electric payload system. Starting with a 50HP diesel engine and 40HP PTO, with optional models up to 70HP, the Tracbot is highly geared with a 12 speed automatic manual transmission, fully controlled by the autonomous control system onboard.

iMachine's Australian Designed and Made range of intelligent, modular autonomous Tractor, Crawler, Rover, AGV/UGV Systems, has a full suite of tightly integrated industrial grade electronics, software and equipment, including:

  • Ultra long range radio connectivity and satellite backhaul;

  • Real-time payload automation and vehicle teleoperation;

  • On board Edge Computing with industrial grade Real-time controller and software for high speed navigation, inertial control, motor and steering control;

  • Precision fusion GPS, IMU, AHRS, LiDAR and stereoscopic vision system guidance;

  • 4 x high resolution cameras (front, left and right sides and rear);

  • Under carriage camera (for viewing ground or underneath the vehicle for in mission camera inspections);

  • High level of safety and a complete robotics mission control platform;

  • Weatherproof IP55 rating (or higher as needed);

  • Zero turn (360deg turning on axis) or more precision steering systems available;

  • Large payload or main drive battery and fast charging system with 50AH/100AH/200AH (optional sizes) 56VDC Lithium (LiFePO4) Battery system for run time of up to 8-12+ hours with a full payload, pending application specifics;

  • Multiple payload options, standard PTO and 3 point hitch for typical tractor use cases;

  • Smaller and larger scale platforms available to suit application requirements;

  • Mission Control and Planning software for complex mission setup and automation;

  • Several layers of safety systems to ensure the machine operates safely and securely;

  • Highly available spare parts and back to base support.

The all electric AGV/UGV platform is highly adaptable and can be utilised for fully autonomous tractor, construction or mining vehicle, rover or utility applications in a wide array of use cases, including mining operations and exploration, landfill and waste management, agriculture and grounds keeping, long range industrial inspection missions.

Overarching functional options include:

  • Teleoperated, Fully-Autonomous or semi-autonomous control;

  • Modular payload and custom automation options for unique applications.

  • Local Radio Direct Controller, Field Computer (GCS) controller, Back to Control Room and Back to Base monitoring and control options are available.

  • Full integration with PLC/SCADA and existing control systems is possible.

iMachine's platform provides a fully managed platform for remote field robotics and autonomous vehicle operations, that can help operations managers and stakeholders to:

  • Improve profitability;

  • Increase operational yield by running 24/7;

  • Precision technologies and fully customisable control system for automation of payloads and integration;

  • Free up operators and workers for higher level tasks;

  • Increase safety and reduce operator exposure to chemicals or other hazards.

iMachine's service offering can augment a industrial, mining, agriculture and construction operations, freeing up workers for more important tasks, that reduces time spent on lower level tasks that are traditionally handled by machine operators in the field.

To contact us regarding your Field Robotics and Autonomous Tractor Applications, please fill in the contact form below:

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