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Innovative Research & Development - Rapid Prototyping 

Daytech's range of modular electronic hardware and software solutions can be customised to meet the evolving needs of the Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles, Field Robotics, Battery Energy Storage and Industrial IoT sectors and suit the needs of many custom applications. Daytech's Modular IoT Core, Mission Critical Edge Computing and Field Robotics Platforms, allows us to leverage years of work, without the associated costs and customise the hardware and firmware to new or unique requirements.


Our experience in the complete end to end research and development process of robotics system design and manufacturing, BMS, electronic hardware design, embedded software, firmware, middleware (RTOS / AI / ML / Neural Networks / SLAM / Navigation Stacks / Vision Systems / LiDAR / GPS), wireless transceivers, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, 3G/4G/Satellite M2M and full stack IoT integration, allows our team to provide a full product design and development service.


We have a strong understanding of the rules and regulations and can also offer compliance services to assist in the process of compliance auditing, design reviews and compliance certifications for electronic hardware and communication products.

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Innovative Software and Firmware Development Services

Access GUI's and Dashboards via Cloud, Web-Server or local WiFi Hotspot on your Smartphone or Tablet - Perform Control and Monitoring!

  • Perform sophisticated control and monitoring via a drag and drop app building platform.  

  • Access your dashboards locally or remotely from anywhere in the world, on your tablets, PCs and Smartphones. 

  • Secured and safe with encryption, firewalls and password protection.

  • Integrate with many other systems using the "ControlMesh API" or protocols such as MQTT, COAP, HTTP, JSON or direct to SQL, CSV, XML and many other integrations. 

  • Get notifications via email, SMS, or even Twitter for sensor and equipment data or system diagnostics such as battery life, signal strength, communication timeouts and more.

  • Digital Clone or 'digital twin' capability - digital representation of the physical sensor and equipment.

  • Interoperability to most types of control systems, sensors, motors, actuators, process equipment, or even vehicles.

  • With the Single Board Computer "The Brain", the IoT-SmartNode can perform sophisticated edge computing with Artificial Intelligence at the edge, in the cloud or both. 


The SmartNode Envision Modular IoT Platform is not your typical IoT system. With the MCU "The Muscle" running a rugged RTOS for communications and IO control it has the ability to integrate with or replace, tired old control systems, such as PLCs and RTUs.  With Rugged wireless SmartNodes for fully self contained edge intelligent local monitoring and control, combined with the user interface device flexibility of cloud and web server based IoT databases, Dashboards and GUIs:

The IoT-SmartNode provide's you with one of the most powerful Industrial IoT platforms ever created.

DAYTECH ACORN IoT SmartNode GUI Dashboar

Rapid Prototyping for Custom & Bespoke Lithium Battery and IoT Products

The engineers at Daytech have electrical/electronics, embedded computing, control systems, mechatronic, software and robotics backgrounds with many years of prior experience that has been distilled into the IoT SmartNode. We have real life, hands on experience to assist in adding value to your applications and work hard to understand your needs and deliver. 


Whether you have a need for IoT or Energy Storage Systems, or you have ideas for product development, we can develop customised solutions for your requirements that are robust and standards compliant. Our modular hardware and software allows us to customise unique solutions for many different applications at a cost effective price.

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