Industrial IoT - ACORN SmartNode - "Modular Building Blocks for Easy IoT"


Daytech have developed a range of modular hardware and software technology products that offer robust, precise, sophisticated monitoring and automatic control. These innovative Industrial IoT solutions are suitable for a wide range of process and environmental applications. Depending upon your needs, we can deliver standardised, configurable hardware/software, that you can install, configure and maintain in house, or a custom engineered solution, with your companies branding on the apps, dashboards and GUIs, involving rapid prototyping through to high volume manufacture.


The ACORN IoT SmartNode range of wireless sensor network, edge computing and gateway nodes, forms a highly inter-operable and modular platform, powered by an advanced ARM Cortex M4 IoT-Core MCU, with hardened RTOS for industrial control, with plugin modules for LoRa, LoRaWAN, Zigbee 2.4GHz, Zigbee 900MHz, 3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth and soon onto the market - NBIoT. The ACORN comes with 6 industrial IO onboard (2 x DI, 2 x DO, AI with 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA, high speed pulse input) and has expansion modules, covering almost any type of IO, allowing up to 36 IO in one unit and 1000s of distributed wireless IO nodes, meaning you can replace an RTU or DCS/PLC systems with state of the art IoT hardware.


The ACORN IoT SmartNode has a plug-in slot for a single board computer, that fits within the weatherproof housing, allowing you to program sophisticated control applications, gateway to cloud and remote servers, run sophisticated AI/ML and Neural Network algorithms for control or edge processing and many more features. You can run DAYTECH's drag and drop "flow programming" tool for GUI, dashboard and automation app development! This also allows you to access, program, configure and control your applications locally via WiFi/Bluetooth with the GUI from your PC/Smartphone/Tablet, or remotely via WiFi, or 3G/4G (plug-in required) with VPN or cloud integrated solutions.


The ACORN IoT SmartNode can not only walk the walk, it can talk the talk! For fully inter-operable IIoT solutions, you need the flexibility to communicate with a myriad of devices and other platforms. We've packed the ACORN full of communications ability, not only wireless protocols such as WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee/LoRa, Cellular 3G/4G but also comes standard with RS232/485, CAN Bus, UART, I2C and SPI. We can factory configure GPS, SDI-12, MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP or a plethora of other protocols, set us a challenge!


The ACORN IoT SmartNode can be powered from 230VAC with a plugpack, or directly to DC with a wide range 12-28VDC input range. It has an onboard solar battery charging IC for sophisticated and safe solar power charging or up to 2 x Lithium Ion 3Ah battery packs per node, for seriously long life remote operation. The node features 12VDC outputs and 24VDC optional output to power, control and monitor sensors and actuators, wireless and from battery/solar power. Intelligent sleep modes allow you to expand battery life and shut down individual modular units of the node and externally powered sensors/actuators as required.


Modular Wireless Mesh / Star Networks and Gateways

Daytech's COIN range of panel mount and remote IO, in addition to the ACORN IoT-SmartNode range of wireless sensor network, edge computing and gateway nodes, is a modular mesh network solution allowing you to remotely monitor, control and integrate thousands of devices. Being highly modular, we can factory fit various communication and sensing modules to the ACORN IoT SmartNode. Choose from 3G/4G/WiFi gateways, LoRa Star network nodes with up to 15km range and Zigbee 900 PRO mesh solutions, which have an estimated outdoor range of up to 14.5km LOS range. LoRa, Zigbee and WiFi each have their own unique advantages and suit different applications. Contact us to discuss your application, for a technical consultation with one of our engineers to determine the best option for your application.

Local or Remote Monitoring and Control

Pair the ACORN IoT-SmartNode with Zigbee or LoRa modules for remote battery powered or gateway applications, with any Daytech Sensor or any other sensor on the market with standard outputs and you have a remote sensing device, without the need for expensive and time consuming cabling. The ACORN directly powers the sensor or actuator, via it's onboard 12VDC or 24VDC Lithium-Ion batteries. Power from optional AC/DC power connection or go remote with Solar power for charging or even wind power. Expandable plug-in battery packs allow you to increase the system's battery capacity up to 6000mAH or more! You can power instruments, valves or actuators from the node.


You can connect ACORN nodes to other devices (electrical loads such as valves, motors, pumps, lighting, heating/cooling etc), or existing PLC/RTU/DCS/SCADA and you have wireless remote control. You can program and control the ACORN IoT-SmartNode for stand-alone wireless control, using DAYTECH's graphical drag and drop "flow programming" or use commands from your existing control system.


Access your apps and GUI for configuration and process control via cloud, web server or locally via WiFi hotspot. Remote access your ACORN IoT-SmartNode anywhere, anytime!

Further to point to point, star or mesh network monitoring and control, you can backhaul your data through WiFi, 3G/4G for a remote monitoring and control solution.


Integrate your sensor data and automatically control your devices via Touchscreens/HMI/PLC/SCADA or Cloud and app solutions - the only limit is your imagination!

Highly Scale-able & Expandable with Plenty of IO

The ACORN IoT-SmartNode comes with 6 industrial IO onboard (2 x DI, 2 x DO, AI with 0-5V / 0-10V / 4-20mA, high speed pulse input) and has hardware connectable plug-in expansion modules, covering almost any type of IO, allowing up to 36 IO in one local unit and 1000s of distributed wireless IO nodes, meaning you can replace an RTU or DCS/PLC systems with state of the art IoT hardware.

The ACORN IoT-SmartNode is housed in a rugged IP65 enclosure, with external earthing point, 2 gland entries and spring loaded DIN rail mount - for weatherproof outside applications or installation inside other enclosures. The nodes have an outdoor range, from 2km-15km LOS (Line of Sight) and with Zigbee Self Healing Mesh Modules, each node can be configured to be a router or end node, allowing limitless extension of the network range, via multihop, when using wireless mesh protocols. The Gateway Node will co-ordinate the system and be your access from the internet to the PAN (Personal Area Network).

ACORN IoT-SmartNode 

Optional Comms Modules - WiFi, 3G/4G, LoRa, Zigbee

Access GUI's and Dashboards via Cloud, Web-Server or local WiFi Hotspot on your Smartphone or Tablet - Perform Control and Monitoring!

Perform sophisticated control and monitoring via a drag and drop app building platform.  Access your dashboards locally or remotely from anywhere in the world, on your tablets, PCs and Smartphones. Secured and safe with encryption, firewalls and password protection. Integrate with many other systems using the "ControlMesh API" or protocols such as MQTT, COAP, HTTP, JSON or direct to SQL, CSV, XML and many other integrations. Get notifications via email, SMS, or even Twitter for sensor and equipment data or system diagnostics such as battery life, signal strength, communication timeouts and more.


The ACORN Modular IoT Platform is not your typical IoT system. With the MCU "The Muscle" running a rugged RTOS for communications and IO control it has the ability to integrate with or replace, tired old control systems, such as PLCs and RTUs. With the Single Board Computer "The Brain", the ACORN can perform sophisticated edge computing with Artificial Intelligence at the edge, in the cloud or both. Combined with interoperability to most types of existing control systems infrastructure, sensors, motors, actuators, process equipment, or even vehicles and the user interface device flexibility of cloud and web based IoT databases, Dashboards and GUIs - The ACORN could possibly be the most powerful Industrial IoT system in existence right now!


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Too Hard Basket? Our Engineering Team is Here to Help!

Whether you need technology for a process that requires automation and remote monitoring, or you have ideas for product development with IoT or wireless sensor networks, we can develop customised embedded solutions for your requirements that are robust and standards compliant. We can white label with your companies logo, allowing you to get on with building your business.

Our deep experience with wireless sensor networks, automation and embedded electronics and software development, combined with the ACORN modular platform allows us to rapidly customise unique solutions for you to tackle many different applications, that are sophisticated, integrated and state of the art.

We have several key products for building integrated and powerful IoT Automation systems with wireless mesh/star networks, our cornerstone product being the "ACORN IoT-SmartNode". Please contact us to discuss your application, we are here to help you.