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Unlocking the Potential of Smart Fleet, Vehicle, Mobile Machinery &

Asset Operations through Industry 4.0 Technology

At DAYTECH we leverage our substantial engineering experience and portfolio of modular hardware and software to deliver turn-key solutions. By consulting closely with your team to listen to your needs, we can design, develop, manufacture, commission and deliver innovative projects to meet your individual site, fleet and process requirements with the following capabilities:

  • Remote operations and control systems;

  • Vehicle and mobile machinery precision GPS localisation, IMU based speed/heading/acceleration tracking, navigation systems integration and telematics;

  • Continuous mobile machinery payload measurement and automation;

  • Wireless Vehicle to Process (V2P) integration;

  • Real-time LiDAR based Object Detection & Collision Avoidance (ODCA) safety systems, for in vehicle touch screen visualisation and remote web based integration;

  • Integrated Drone mapping & inspection deliverables and services;

  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), for process and environmental systems;

  • Multifunctional IIoT-SmartNodes, to connect vehicles, mobile machines, workers, fixed plant and equipment, processes and the environment in real-time;

  • Industrial edge computing and gateways for centralised and decentralised connectivity of assets in real-time for remote management of operations;

  • Gear up for the next generation of autonomous vehicles, with Teleoperations technology, for critical activities, such as drilling and blasting, that improves safety.


These ruggedised solutions are implemented by our team of engineers and used by our customers as a platform for mission critical Industrial IoT, remote operations and process control, remote Drone/Rover robotics inspection and vehicle automation. Our Platforms allow the connection and and payload automation for mobile vehicles, disparate process and critical assets, complete with environmental and equipment condition monitoring and automated or semi-automated inspection and compliance options.


Knowledge truly is power and DAYTECHs technologies provide this specifically for the energy, resources and waste industries. Have visibility and control at your fingertips from anywhere in the world in real-time, improve safety for workers and debottleneck the fixed and mobile plant and equipment operations for increased efficiency. 

DAYTECH's Solutions for Vehicle, Mobile Machinery and Fixed Asset Connectivity: Empowering Efficiency and Safety.


Remote Vehicle tracking, telematics, Wireless Sensing, Payload Automation and Control Systems, Engineered IIoT and LiDAR based Anti-Collision Safety Systems.


Gain insight into your equipment and process. Reduce CapEx AND OpEx, while implementing highly reliable Remote Automation Solutions

  • Remote Operational Command & Control Platform:

    • Maximize plant efficiency and visibility with real-time condition
      monitoring, wireless sensing, and connectivity.

    • Improve process control, industrial automation, safety, and
      maintenance to reduce downtime and drive higher ROI.

    • Secure Remote Operations, via private connected web-based SCADA
      and 3D modelled process ‘digital clones’.

  • Site & Asset Management, Mapping, Modelling and Reliability:

    • Connect and remotely monitor site conditions and critical equipment
      conditions in real-time, with options for 3D and 2D drone modelling.

    • Real-time truck payload, waste cell level and volume calculations.

    • Wireless or drone-based condition monitoring and analysis, such as
      vibration, thermography & AI imaging for integrity inspection.

    • Reduce downtime through predictive maintenance.

  • Environmental Monitoring, Compliance & Engineering:

    • Weather station integration, geotechnical and slope monitoring.

    • Real-time wireless air, dust and gas detection for safety, alarming and
      automated leak detection, through smart sensor technology.

    • Monitor vegetation cover, land rehabilitation progress, and ground
      water bodies within and around the landfill area to support
      sustainable land management practices.

  • Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles, Drones, Rovers & Field Robotics:

    • Connect, monitor, inspect, control, and automate mobile plant
      machinery, vehicles, drones, and field operations - anywhere, anytime.

    • Lay the foundations for autonomous vehicles.

    • Unify mobile ground robotics and drone operations in harsh
      environments for reliability and innovation.

DAYTECH ACORN IoT SmartNode Network Topology with LANDFILL mobile heavy vehicles - Graphic

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