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Industrial Computers, Touchscreens and HMI


Daytech build a range of Industrial Computer, Rugged Edge Computers, Touchscreens, HMI and rugged tablet hardware and software technology, that offers robust, precise and economical control and human machine interfacing. These robust Industrial computing solutions are suitable for a wide range of process and environmental applications.

The staff at Daytech have process, electrical and electronics engineering backgrounds with many years of experience as software developers, system integrators and electronic engineering consultants. We have real life, hands on experience to assist in adding value to your applications.


Whether you have a process that requires automation and remote monitoring, or you have ideas for product development with Industrial computing, touchscreens or wireless sensor networks, we can develop customised solutions for your requirements that are robust and standards compliant.

Our modular hardware and software allows us to customise unique products and solutions for many different applications at a cost effective price.

We have several key industrial computing and touchscreen products. See below for product examples and contact our engineering team to discuss your application requirements.

COIN-CPM15-TOUCH Capacitive Touch screen
Controls Online - IPC Fanless J.jpg
COIN-CPM15-TOUCH Capacitive Touch screen
COIN-CPM10.1-TOUCH Capacitive Touch scre
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