Remote Control with Wireless Industrial IoT. Real-time Cloud or webserver based Internet of Things.


SmartPower IoT Batteries, power and control infrastructure remotely with an all-in-one solution.


Intelligent mesh networks with the real-time, hardened ACORN SmartNode.

SEnsors & actuators

Industrial-grade smart sensors and actuators, for control and monitoring. 

Our mission is to improve customer productivity, optimise and automate assets, provide new insights and business models to our customers, whilst reducing expensive cabling, minimise carbon emissions and power costs through our wireless, battery powered technology.

At Daytech, we focus on Distributed Edge Power and Automation, utilising state of the art BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), with Intelligent Wireless Mesh Communications, with "ACORN IoT-SmartNode" technology for remote monitoring and control. We have designed a range of high tech inter-operable IoT Smart Sensors, SmartNodes, Gateways and a Real-Time Edge Intelligence Platform, that combine perfectly with "plug and play" solar and battery powered off-grid solutions for industry. We have developed innovative technology for the Industrial IoT, allowing our customers to benefit from this new wave of connectivity and automated remote control, without taking large risks and diving deep into R&D themselves.



Daytech have a great team of talented and creative engineers, developers, marketing and administration people. We believe in team work and innovation, as well as a high level of focus on delivering value to our customers, in order for all people involved in all facets of Daytech and it's technology to thrive. We push the boundaries of traditional Remote Telemetry, Control System and Industrial Automation technologies and are driven to create better products, with creativity, ingenuity and passion.

"Automation and IoT should be easy, modular, seamlessly powerful and fast."

Our core philosophy is founded on the idea that Automation and IoT should be easy, modular, seamlessly powerful and fast. You should have secure control over your system, your equipment, your investment and your data from anywhere in the world. We believe in a wireless digital future, where humans and our environment can seamlessly interact. In the digital age, technology can be akin to a superpower, however one of the biggest issues is the high barriers to entry. This is why we developed the ACORN IoT SmartNode platform, to make life easier for developers, integrators and technicians to design and deliver amazing automation and IoT projects, using our modular 'building blocks' approach with easy to use hardware and software.

"This revolutionary platform provides intelligent, ruggedised and easy to use foundation building blocks."

Among technology developer circles, they say 'hardware is hard' for a reason... Because it's true! This is why we have spent the last 6 years and invested deeply into the ACORN IoT SmartNode technology, an adaptive, battery powered, self-healing and self-configuring, modular IoT hardware and wireless communications platform. This revolutionary platform provides intelligent, ruggedised and easy to use foundation 'drag and drop', 'plug and play' building blocks, so that you can have the freedom to create powerful and integrated IoT solutions seamlessly and easily. You can build your own IoT and Automation applications with the drag and drop flow programming, or go deeper into developing your own front end integrations. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can take advantage Daytech's many years of research, development and investment. Utilising the ACORN SmartNode Platform, you will be empowered to create impressive IoT and wireless automation solutions for your applications!


"Welcome to the world of agile, intelligent and inter-operable IoT, welcome to Daytech.io!"