DAYTECH’s DT-CD940 measuring, controlling, powering and display unit is mainly used for environmental, water and electricity and industrial level, pressure or temperature measurement and control applications. This device not only powers the transmitter, but also displays the reading and the controller models can repead the signal, switch relays and output to RS232 or RS485 communications.



  • Manufacturing, process or environmental applications;

  • Smart process display and controller;

  • Precision Temperature Control;

  • Flexible use as process display and/or controller for temperature, pressure, level, flow, mass, volume or custom units per specification.

  • Smart programmable relay outputs;

  • High Temperature Options;

  • RS485 Modbus communications;

  • Analogue output and 4 relay outputs.

  • AC or DC input and On board DC power supply output to sensors.

  • High accuracy microprocessor control technology.

  • Optional Digital Display Only or Digital Display with Process Controller and 16 bitA/D resolution. This unit is the power supply and digital display only.
  • Intelligent Digital instrument with microprocessor control;
  • Used for all transmitters with standard 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA output signal and bridge sensor with mV voltage signal;
  • 7 Segment Display, max display range -19999~999999;
  • Unit m, kPa, Bar, Mpa, mH20, deg C,m3, kg, mA or other parametersoptional, ;
  • 2 Voltage/Current analogue inputs and 1 optional full isolated current/voltage
  • analogue output;
  • Digital Display for local indication;
  • AC or DC input power with instrument 24VDC regulated power supply output;
  • Basic value settings are freely programmable;
  • Setting values saved to memory, if power switches off the controller automatically
  • reads setting values. Self-diagnostics at start up with inspection of display and
  • components on power up;
  • Two Transmitters could be connected to measure DP for level in a sealed tank or
  • water-level difference between front and back of a trash rack, or for controlling a
  • filtration system.
  • Double watchdog construction, electromagnetism source isolation, strong EMC antiinterference
  • capability;
  • The controller can select the transmitter output range to enlarge or reduce the
  • measured range;
  • Drawer construction, the core could be pull out from housing for easy repair and
  • maintenance, DAYTECH has the facility to perform this as required;
  • Aluminium-alloy instrument housing, light weight and anti-electromagnetic radiation;

DT-CD940 Power Supply, Display and Process Controller

Display or Process Controller
Instrument Process Parameter
  • Example include pond, tank or pool level/pressure/temp, well level/pressure, water supply pressure/temp, filtration DP measurement and control, as well as digital display and local monitoring.