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Innovative Battery Research, Development & Manufacturing

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Daytech's range of modular electronic hardware and software solutions can be customised to meet the evolving needs of the renewable energy, off-grid, distributed power, grid-connected, IIoT, EV and battery energy storage sectors and suit the needs of many custom Lithium battery applications.


The Modular charge controllers, smart BMS and lithium-ion, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Lithium Titanate (LTO) systems, which Daytech have been engineering and manufacturing for many years allows us to rapidly adapt and manufacture custom smart battery modules and packs, without the associated costs that would typically be expected with normal development cycles.

Our experience in the complete end to end research and development process of electronic hardware design, embedded software, firmware, energy storage systems, lithium battery charging/discharging management, automatic battery cooling and temperature control systems, safety and assembly, allows our team to provide a full product design and development service. Applications range from small, ultra efficient IoT batteries, up to utility scale Lithium Ion battery systems. Daytech are experts in Lithium Ion battery technology, which is why the industry has turned to us for auditing companies such as Tesla and Sonnen for 3rd party compliance and safety validation.


We have a strong understanding of the rules and regulations and can also offer complete compliance services to assist in the process of compliance auditing, design reviews and compliance certifications for electronic hardware, battery energy storage, solar/wind energy and communication products. Contact us today to discuss your battery needs.

Whether you need a trusted and low cost supplier of bulk Lithium Ion batteries, or something more bespoke and custom, such as a unique battery design, from rapid prototyping and Proof of Concept,  through to high volume manufacture, Daytech are your trusted partner. Contact our engineers for more information.

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Advanced and Sophisticated - Remote Solar/Battery Power with wireless Industrial IoT Control

Daytech's range of modular, rechargeable, long lasting, IoT SmartPower Li-ion batteries, can power and control your equipment remotely, with an all-in-one easy to use solution. Monitor and Control your system securely over 4G cellular or Wifi, with Daytech's IoT platform, using your SmartPhone, Tablet or any PC's web browser!


Utilising the smart, modular and scale-able SmartPower Solar/Battery Power system, you can easily build a solution for your remote power, monitoring and control application. Applications include off-grid powering of telemetry and communication equipment, small to medium loads such as sensors, flow meters, valves, automatic gates, actuators and lighting, all the way up to pumping applications or motor control, communication towers and remote process control skids. With highly modular and scaleable options, starting at 24VDC, 250Wh for applications such as lighting or scale to larger capacity for larger load sizing. Daytech's engineers will gladly assist in load sizing calculations, should assistance be needed.

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Remote off-grid power and control together means you can reduce overall project capital costs by up to 30% and vastly reduce cabling/trenching costs on new installations by up to 90%.  


This all-in-one environmentally friendly solution lowers your total operational costs on equipment by up to 50%, takes your equipment off-grid, minimises or eliminates power bills on new or retrofit applications, whilst gaining remote control and data collection capability with completely secure, remote IoT monitoring and automation ability from anywhere in the world.

Local or Remote Battery Power, Monitoring and Control

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Use the SmartPower for remote all-in-one battery/solar powered applications. With the fully featured SmartPower system, you don't need to run cabling to the load. Go remote with direct on board connection of Solar power for charging or even wind power, with inbuild MPPT battery charger. This is not your typical battery, the SmartPower Battery can be combined with an optional on board 4G gateway control system that can connect to, monitor and control other sensors and devices with standard outputs and you have a remote off-grid automation solution. The SmartPower unit contains a SmartNode core, that provides complete wireless control and automation. This is particularly useful for remote powering and wireless control of equipment or infrastructure.


The SmartPower directly powers itself and the connected load, sensors or actuators, via it's onboard 12VDC or 24VDC Lithium-Ion batteries. Battery capacity starts at 20Ah for the all-in-one model.  For larger energy storage applications, select from Daytech's PowerHouse 48VDC Range, with expandable battery pack modules using our 19" rack mount form factor, allow you to increase the system's battery capacity from 50Ah up to 500Ah or more. You can have up to 2.5kWh per modular rack mounted unit and parallel expansion of the 48VDC SmartPower ESS modular system allows up to a massive 24kWh! 

You can connect SmartNodes and SmartPower units to other devices (electrical loads such as valves, motors, pumps, lighting, heating/cooling etc), use our stand-alone IoT platform or integrate with PLC/RTU/DCS/SCADA for wireless remote monitoring and control. Easily program and control the ACORN IoT-SmartNode for stand-alone wireless control, using DAYTECH's graphical drag and drop "flow programming" or use commands from your existing control system.

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