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High Quality MPPT Solar Battery Charge Controllers

At Daytech, our team of engineers adds value to your Off-Grid, IIoT and battery coupling projects, with a range of high quality Inverters and Battery Charge Controllers. In addition to our range of wireless IIoT products from Daytech, we have released a range of complimentary, high quality industrial grade solar/battery charge controllers, with advanced features specifically designed for unmanned and off-grid systems.

 Personal Power Plants / Battery Systems – for Automotive, Marine & Commercial, Industrial Automation.

 Off-Grid Buildings, Sheds, Facilities, offices, barns, rural and agricultural.

 Energy Storage: UPS, backup, renewable energy, power station, smart solar lighting, off-grid solar pumping.

 EV / RV / Camper: Caravan, 4x4, golf trolleys, electric scooters, Industrial Vehicles.

 Solar/Wind Power Off-grid System, Commercial/Industrial Energy Storage.

 Telecommunications Base Stations, IoT Gateways, Digital Signage, Environmental Monitoring,

 Industrial IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Mining, Smart Ag.

 Portable power equipment, Commercial Rental equipment, Site Power.

The CLEAN series MPPT charge controller features onboard digital display, 12V/24V and 48V DC options, in addition to more advanced optional features such as MODBUS RTU, Bluetooth and automatic or remote load control via an external controller. A large heatsink is located on the back of the unit, dissipating heat to the coupled enclosure.

The BCON Series MPPT is designed for versatile control panel integration, with the heat sink on the front, dissipating heat to the air space. This charge controller has an optional remote display unit.

DT2010A-CLEAN-20A 1.png

CLEAN Series MPPT Battery Charge Controller

DT-BCON-20A 2.png

BCON Series MPPT Battery Charge Controller


We can offer services for assistance and support with project engineering, auditing, systems integration, software development and technical support for off-grid and IIoT systems, in addition to prefabricated solutions for indoor or weatherproof outdoor installation, for the harsh Australian climate.


Our customers range from systems integrators, contractors to end users in agriculture, mining, industry and the commercial sectors, who require dependable quality control and support, from pre-sales, through installation, commissioning and beyond. Contact our sales team on 1300 866 970 today to discuss your application requirements.

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