Industrial IoT (IIoT) - Cloud or webserver connected Internet of Things. The ACORN SmartNode Gateway is a modular IIoT solution with WiFi, LoRa, Zigbee, 3G/4G cellular. Connect equipment, sensors, PLCs and more. Remote access, wireless automation and control, integrated communications and connectivity. Modular and expandable.


SmartPower IoT Batteries, power and control infrastructure remotely with an all-in-one solution. Build industrial grade battery powered systems, charged from mains, wind or solar - easy to use packaged solutions with modular expandable batteries for remote IoT monitoring and off-grid powered equipment.


Zigbee, LoRa, WiFi, 3G/4G connectivity - Industrial grade Wireless Sensor Networks - intelligent mesh networks with the RTOS hardened ACORN SmartNode. Connect and control Equipment, Sensors, PLC, SCADA/Cloud, remote monitoring and automation.


Industrial grade smart sensors and actuators for control and monitoring, product engineering, industrial automation and IoT applications. Smart programmable sensors and controls. Easily connect with the SmartNode for wireless sensing and IIoT.

Industrial grade, modular products for rugged, remote power, real-time wireless monitoring and control, simplifying IIoT and Industrial Automation applications.

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Flexible long range and fast wireless mesh networking, Gateway via modular plug and play 3G/4G/Wifi/Ethernet, site wide and inter-site IIoT unification, highly inter-operable, reliable Real-Time monitoring and control.

Digital Clones, Rich, interactive GUI Dashboards and integrated "Flow Programming" tools for rapid IIoT development and secure, reliable monitoring and control.

All-in-One and Easy to Program Platform for Monitoring, Control and Automation. Intelligent Edge Processing - utilising Daytech's Drag and Drop Flow Programming Editor, for easy and fast application development, inter-operability and cloud integration. Develop your own GUI's, notifications and automation functions. Securely access, change and support your IIoT system from anywhere in the world!

Welcome to the age of Real-Time IoT, start your Industry 4.0 journey today and join the forth industrial revolution!