Our Excellent team of dedicated, talented Multidisciplinary Engineers and Software/Firmware Developers:


  • 4 Senior Embedded Engineers (61 years experience combined),

  • 2 Senior Front End Software Development engineers (22 years experience combined), 

  • 1 Mechanical, 1 Industrial design, 3 Electrical/Electronics engineers, 3 Production and service engineers.

  • 3 factory and site service technicians.

  • Engineering development and support team can scale as large as 30 engineers within 1-2 weeks as needed for project and software engineering requirements.


Mr Luke J Day

(CEO & Technical Director)

Industrial Automation and WSN/loT expert - 18 years experience in engineering and innovative high tech product/systems  development.

Dr Kalana Withanage

(Head of R&D - Principal Embedded Engineer)

PhD Robotics and Wireless Sensor Networks Expert, 13 years engineering experience,  passionate about AI, vision and embedded systems engineering.

Sergio Ardila

(Lead Applications Engineer)

Proactive, innovative, solution focused Electronics Engineer. Masters in Renewable Energy, serious coffee lover who doesn’t stop working.

Mr Andrew Karas

(Principal Mechanical Engineer)

3D mechanical design and 3D printing specialist engineer, 10 years engineering experience. Passionate about  high quality design and manufacturing.

Liu Liu

(Lead Embedded Electronics Engineer)

Highly experienced expert Embedded Hardware and Software engineer, passionate about developing rugged and reliable, real-time firmware and robust electronics for IIoT and distributed battery power systems!

Alexis Kotlowy

(Electronics & Production Technical Officer)

Lover of technology, keen eye for detail and inspired by Industry 4.0. Interested in anything and everything to do with IoT. Loves building and testing complex electronic hardware equipment.