Welcome to the latest in Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Technology. Daytech's PowerHouse lithium iron phosphate battery pack (including BMS) is fully assembled and tested in Australia at Daytech's factory, using imported high-quality LiFePo4 cells. The 19" 2RU 50Ah (2.56kWh) and 3RU 100Ah (5.12kWh) options are composed of 16 strings of prismatic battery cells, professionally graded and balance matched, using accurate and reliable automatic processes. The BMS uses a professional-grade protection board and test system to conduct a comprehensive test before going online to ensure that the BMS can fully and effectively protect the battery pack during use.


This battery module is suitable for the harsh Australian conditions, with Lithium Iron Phosphate being superior chemistry for our local conditions. The PowerHouse ESS has the characteristics of high energy density, very long cycle life, safety and reliability, lightweight and wide operating temperature range, suitable for even the harshest of outback Australian conditions. It is a clean, green and environmentally friendly product you can trust, with full local Australian support from the team at Daytech and warranty from our well-established company, backed by a 5-year warranty.

Working Principle:


  • The Battery is charged, using a suitable external battery charger for Lithium chemistry with CC/CV stages;
  • The battery outputs 43.2V~53.5V DC voltage, which is inverted into AC power by the external inverter, used for 220V-240V AC load.
  • The battery has dual protection of cell level BMS, active balancing and DC MCB for short circuit or overload protection.
  • When the battery voltage is too low, the power supply will cut off the battery power supply to protect the battery life.
  • With correct system design, with 80% DOD setting, temperature protection, suitable charging and discharging use, Daytech's PowerHouse energy storage battery can reach >6000 cycles, with an expected lifespan of up to 15 years.



PowerHouse ESS - DT-LP-48VDC-50AH-19IN-ESS-A

$2,295.00 Regular Price
$1,695.00Sale Price
  • Description


    Cells In series

    16S Prismatic

    Rated voltage


    End of discharge voltage


    Charging voltage

    Recommend 56.4V (56V – 58.4V)

    Internal resistance (battery pack)


    Self-discharge rate


    Temperature Range

    055℃ charge

    060℃ discharge

    Storage temperature range


    The positive and negative lead
    Terminal Connection

    Terminal 2 x Positive and 2 x Negative for parallel connection

    Display screen

    LED display, four physical buttons

    Circuit Breaker

    DC 1P125A MCB

    Protective function

    Overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, overload, over
    temperature, etc.

    Transport Battery Charge

    Approximately 50% power upon delivery

    Packing material

    Carton - cardboard - custom available


    RS485 Serial and MODBUS RTU


    Available via Daytech's SmartNode for Remote Monitoring, Integration and Control

    Parallel Connections

    Expansion of the system up to 8 units in parallel

    Nominal Capacity

    Select from:

    A: 51.2V 50Ah (2.56kWh), 19" Rack 2U

    B: 51.2V 100Ah (5.12kWh), 19" Rack 2U

    Nominal Discharge Current Max

    A: 51.2V 50Ah @ 0.5C = 25A / 1.25kW

    B: 51.2V 100Ah @ 0.5C = 50A / 2.5kW