DT-LS460 Hydrostatic Level sensor Special Design for Marine Applications  - With 20m cable included


  • Measurement Range: 0-2..200 H2O
  • Accuracy: 0.25% F.S
  • Output: 4~20mA, 1~5V,0~5V,0-10V
  • Power supply:12-30Vdc
  • Electrical connnection:shielded cable IP68 with 5 meter free cable
  • Sensing element is ceramic capacitive
  • Special design, suitable for harsh and corrosive Marine and Oceanic environments
  • With 20m cable included, longer cable lengths available upon request


Combine the LS460 Marine Grade Hydrostatic Level Sensor with the DAYTECH ACORN IoT Node for remote wireless monitoring and control of many processes, including liquids such as water and diesel fuel. You can monitor an individual tank, well, dam, river, pond or groundwater bore using stand alone battery powered 3G/4G or Wifi or a whole tank farm as well as direct integration to pumps and valve or other actuators for control. Integration with a wide variety of control systems, connected directly to IO or remote battery powered and wirelessly using Zigbee Mesh Networks or LoRa long range star networks! 


For more information on the DT-LS460 Hydrostatic Level sensor Special Design for Marine/Oceanic field Applications, please contact sales@daytech.io

DAYTECH DT-LS460 Hydrostatic Level sensor Special Design for Oceanic/Marine