Fast and Easy - Wireless Remote Power and Control Saves Time and Money!

Daytech's range of modular, rechargeable, long lasting, IoT SmartPower Li-ion batteries, can power and control your sensors and equipment remotely, with an all-in-one easy to use solution.


Utilising the smart, modular and scale-able SmartPower ESS system, you can easily build a solution for your remote power, monitoring and control application. Applications include powering telemetry and communication equipment, small to medium loads such as valves, gates, actuators and lighting, all the way up to medium sized pumping applications or infrastructure such as communication towers and remote process control skids.

SmartPower image 4.png

Remote off-grid power and control together means you can reduce overall project capital costs by up to 70% and vastly reduce cabling/trenching costs on new installations by up to 95%.  


This all-in-one environmentally friendly solution lowers your total operational costs on equipment by up to 75%, minimises or eliminates power bills on new or retrofit applications, whilst gaining remote control and data collection capability with completely secure, remote IoT monitoring and automation ability from anywhere in the world.

Local or Remote Battery Power, Monitoring and Control

Pair the SmartPower with combinations of 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, Zigbee or LoRa modules for ruggedised mains or DC powered system, with it's own onboard UPS. Or use the SmartPower for remote battery/solar powered gateway applications, with any Daytech Sensor or any other sensor on the market with standard outputs and you have a remote off-grid solution, without the need for expensive and time consuming cabling.


The SmartPower directly powers itself and the connected sensors or actuators, via it's onboard 12VDC or 24VDC Lithium-Ion batteries. Power from optional AC/DC power connection or go remote with Solar power for charging or even wind power. Expandable plug-in battery packs allow you to increase the system's battery capacity from 20Ah up to 80Ah at 12VDC, or 10Ah up to 40Ah at 24VDC. You can have up to 1kWh per modular unit and parallel expansion of the SmartPower modular system allows up to a massive 10kWh! You can power DC instruments, valves, actuators and motors from the node or combine with a pure sine-wave inverter for powering AC loads.

You can connect SmartNodes and SmartPower units to other devices (electrical loads such as valves, motors, pumps, lighting, heating/cooling etc), or existing PLC/RTU/DCS/SCADA and you have wireless remote control. 


Easily program and control the ACORN IoT-SmartNode for stand-alone wireless control, using DAYTECH's graphical drag and drop "flow programming" or use commands from your existing control system.