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Off-Grid or Grid-Connected Energy Storage Systems - Modular 19" Rack Mount Lithium Battery with 48-51.2VDC, 50Ah, 2.5kWh.



Modular 19" rack mount expandable design.

Onboard advanced BMS with high safety, protection circuits and balancing

Parallel connection for increasing system capacity up to 10x

RS485 communications interface for module inter connectivity and remote communications

19 rack mount ESS 2.JPG


Optional advanced wireless monitoring and integration. Full control at your fingertips.


High Round trip efficiency, with high tech design, advanced cell balancing and long life protection.


Easily access, setup and control your systems with Daytech's IoT Gateway.


Simplicity is key. You are too busy to waste time on complex commissioning tasks.


Safe and stable design for the tough Australian conditions. Modularity allows scalability.


Connect your batteries, chargers and inverters to many other devices, for full integration.

PowerHouse Modular Rack Mount Battery

Daytech's range of modular, rechargeable, long-lasting, floor mount, panel mount and 19" Rack Mount Lithium Power batteries, power your UPS, off-grid or grid-connected system, with an all-in-one easy to use energy storage solution. Pair with Daytech's IoT gateway to Monitor and Control your system securely over 4G cellular or Wifi, with Daytech's IoT platform, using your SmartPhone, Tablet or any PC's web browser!


Utilising the smart, modular and scale-able PowerHouse ESS system, you can easily build a solution for your remote power or energy storage application. Applications include off-grid powering of homes, buildings, telemetry and communication equipment, medium-sized equipment loads such as valves, gates, actuators and lighting arrays, all the way up to pumping station applications or infrastructure such as buildings, boats, RVs, communication towers, robotic vehicles and remote process control skids. With highly modular and scale-able options, you can go as small as one 2U 2.5kWh, or select the 3U 5kWh unit and scale as large as 80kWh for a complete off-grid building, pump station or diesel generator replacements.

19 rack mount ESS 2.JPG
19 rack mount ESS.JPG

This all-in-one environmentally friendly solution can substantially lower or even eliminate your power costs, takes your equipment and buildings off-grid, provides reliable UPS (backup power) functionality. You will love your new PowerHouse!

Local or Remote Battery Power, Monitoring and Control

Use Daytech's stand-alone PowerHouse for remote battery/solar powered applications. Go remote with direct on board connection of Solar power for charging or even wind power. This is not your typical battery, using the SmartNode, Daytech's batteries can be intelligently integrated with MPPT charging and inverter systems, combined with an optional on board 4G gateway control system that can connect to, monitor and control other sensors and devices with standard outputs and you have a remote off-grid automation solution. This is particularly useful for remote powering and control of equipment or buildings.


The PowerHouse can be packaged with MPPT chargers and/or inverters to directly power itself and the connected load, sensors or actuators, via it's onboard 48VDC Lithium-Ion batteries. Battery capacity starts at 50Ah.  Expandable battery pack modules with our floor mount or 19" rack mount form factors, allow you to increase the system's battery capacity from 50Ah up to 800Ah or more. Ranging from 2.5kWh to 10kWh per modular unit and parallel expansion of the 48VDC SmartPower ESS modular system allows up to a massive 80kWh and larger for custom designs! 

You can replace diesel generators, power remote equipment, RVs, boats, off-grid buildings, lighting arrays, actuators, pump stations and motors from the node or combine with a pure sine-wave inverter for powering AC loads and grid-connected buildings. 

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